Why is Six afraid of Seven?

Today as I was cleaning off my bookshelf, I found a notebook filled with stories I wrote in 11th grade (which was ages ago). All of them are pretty bad but, I found one that made me feel quite clever and I figured I would share it with all of you! :)


Why is Six afraid of Seven? A story from Ms. Six

     I’m starting to wonder about m neighbor. I’ve noticed him leaving his house eery night at ten and not return until the next morning. I’m usually not a nosey person, but there have been some strange things going on in town for the past few months. Ever since Mr. Nine disappeared last month everyone has been on edge. Not many people go out anymore, except my neighbor. He has never been in his right mind, he sure is an odd one.

    Mrs. Eight, the sweet lady who lives down the street, knew something about my neighbor’s outings. Whenever I ask her about my neighbor she would quickly answer: “I haven’t heard anything!” and walk away. Just the other day at the super market, she avoided me when I tried to talk to her. Mrs. Eight lived on the other side of my neighbor and always knew something.

   One day I saw Mrs. Eight walk into my neighbor’s house; she walked right into the kitchen, she got out some pots and pans, then started to heat the on the stove. As my neighbor walked into the room; Mrs. Eight took something out of freezer. You might call me crazy but that thing looked a lot like Mr. Nine. She then placed what I believed to Mr. Nine on the plate and my neighbor started to eat. And, now I’m in therapy because my neighbor, Mr. Seven, ate Nine.


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